Kunming UFOs!!! 外星人研究

In addition to an indispensable companion piece to the NYT article on Obama’s censored interview with the Guangzhou reformist newspaper Southern Weekly [南方周报], Danwei.org links today to an absolutely delightful video report from Kunming about UFO sightings and research.  Not only is Kunming a great city with a thriving Francophone legacy in lush Yunnan province (我继续继续学习法语再tout suite! [try saying that three times fast]), the place … Continue reading Kunming UFOs!!! 外星人研究

The Yanan Spirit of Journalism

A few short days ago, Barack Obama was in Shanghai surfing on the edge of the Great Firewall of China, his calm demeanor belying the clangor he was re-initiating over Chinese censorship of the Web. Meanwhile, I was escaping from Seattle’s incessant rain, having stormed up the Sound and past the volcano draped in mists.  Hoisting instruments of both scholarship and music, I strode through … Continue reading The Yanan Spirit of Journalism