Vivaldi Friday

I have been struck by how lyrical and spontaneously beautiful is the music of the Venetian master, Antonio Vivaldi.  We should never disparage his work, only revel in it!

If you’re feeling more chaleureuse about Friday, this French chanson may evoke it:

“What early music has been needing even more urgently than other branches of classical music has been a new infusion of old fashioned — truly old-fashioned —  performerly values: not self-elimination but self-asserting, crowd-pleasing exhibitionism and vulgarity, the kind for which Mozart was famous, and Handel, and Vivaldi.”

— Richard Taruskin, “Early Music,” in The Danger of Music and Other Anti-Utopian Essays (Berkeley, 2009), p. 130.


  1. Liked the Vivaldi piece (there are people who disparage Vivaldi? really?!), loved the French chanson. And bonus points to the cameraman/woman in the second video.

    1. Thanks Dan, and thanks also for the really tremendous job on your recent One Free Korea post (with lots of tasty links, too); glad to see you in the mix and to get some reassurance that Korea blogging and chamber music celloing aren’t necessarily mutually negating categories.

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