Day: November 22, 2009


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There is a slightly breathless and overly-generalized, yet consequently readable, post at China Matters regarding Sino-Indian competition in the northeast Indian border regions. Or perhaps you prefer rather stunning footage of a Maoist demonstration in the Nepali capitol: On June 25, 2009, Qin Gang had this reassurance: Q: Are you expecting the newly-elected Nepalese Prime Minister to visit China in the weeks to come? A: China and Nepal are friendly neighbors that share a peaceful […]

Asia’s Ahab: North Korea, Japan, and Environmental Geopolitics in NE Asia

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Environmental Politics in East Asia / North Korea-Japan relations

People who fish, who brave the ocean, who create seriographie of fish, who take pictures of fish, who quantify fish populations — all of these people have a special place in my consciousness these days.   The recent wetness in Seattle, along with a return to the cello/axe in a downtown performance backed by giant Jules-Verne style organ pipes, has me thinking watery thoughts. And lo and behold, what should cross the data transom but […]