Day: November 26, 2009

Jack Lang Speaks Out on his Pyongyang Voyage

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EU-East Asia relations / North Korea

Via the always-interesting-if-not-completely-comprehensible Association for French-North Korean Friendship blog, a forty-minute interview with Jack Lang is now available on the subject of his trip to Korea.  His French is pretty Parisian standard, but I’m at a point in my own learning curve where I think I’ll just make it available to you all and dig out what I can, such as Lang’s admission that he got zero concrete concessions on the subject of human rights […]

Pyongyang to Honored Chinese Guests: Thanks for Leaving!

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Sino-North Korean relations

It’s a fairly unusual day at the Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang when they have to emphasize that a large delegation of Chinese leaders are leaving the country. Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) — Col. General Liang Guanglie, minister of National Defense who doubles as a state councilor of the People’s Republic of China, flew back home Thursday. Leaving with him were Col. General Huang Xianzhong, political commissar of the Shenyang Military Area of the […]

Hatoyama Fails to Pardon: Japanese Winter Whale Hunts Underway

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Environmental Politics in East Asia / Sino-Japanese Relations

While Americans are stuffing themselves with large quantities of bird meat (or, in my case, giant bowls of Vietnamese soup), another hunt for protein is on in Antarctic waters by Japanese ships.   The L.A. Times has an excellent blog post on this topic, dating from November 19. CNN covers the annual controversy from Tokyo in a 2008 report: Meanwhile, the American satirists Matt Parker and Trey Stone are winding up their South Park show with […]

Brooklyn/Beijing/Tokyo/Pyongyang: Rock ‘n Roll Can Rescue the World

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Chinese Avant-Garde / Music

Chuck Kraus carries some great links and analysis of the current academic and popular craze for Chinese “underground” rock music: Then we have the Japanese band Electric Eel Shock, who have been rocking audiences for years, with their song “Rock ‘n Roll Can Rescue the World.”  I was fortunate to hear this band in 2005 on their first North American tour in a gritty Beachland Ballroom outside of Cleveland Ohio in the middle of a […]