Hatoyama Fails to Pardon: Japanese Winter Whale Hunts Underway

While Americans are stuffing themselves with large quantities of bird meat (or, in my case, giant bowls of Vietnamese soup), another hunt for protein is on in Antarctic waters by Japanese ships.   The L.A. Times has an excellent blog post on this topic, dating from November 19.

courtesy Los Angeles Times

CNN covers the annual controversy from Tokyo in a 2008 report:

Meanwhile, the American satirists Matt Parker and Trey Stone are winding up their South Park show with a predictably offensive depiction of crazed Japanese whalers.  Of course, as I’ve described before, this kind of depiction of Japan is quite popular among certain Chinese netizens.  Ecorazzi, a kind of quirky West Coast website, takes apart the  whaling episode and its connection to World War II memories.   Nationalistic cartoonist Kobayashi Yoshinori defends Japanese whaling in an English translation by the Tokyo-contemporary-culture aggregator Tokyo Damage Report [东京灾害报告].

Whales: ancient, wise, and all-too-tasty.


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