Opportunities / Scholarly Bling

Opportunities for Undergraduates

1. Send an abstract to the East Asian Studies Conference at Marietta College, Ohio, April 15-17, 2010.  The call for Papers is here; the deadline for proposals is March 1, 2010.

2. University of Sydney announces a call for applications
Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific).

3. Check out this huge database of Public History grad programs, including one at University of Hong Kong.

Opportunities for M.A. students/graduates

1. Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command in Hawai’i is looking for a Government Historical Researcher, World War II through Vietnam; rolling deadline; job application is here.

2. Transnational Asia Graduate Student Conference, Rice University — abstracts due Dec. 10, 2009

Opportunities for Ph.D. students and post-docs

1. Get a Ph.D. in Japanese Science Fiction in the Netherlands!

2. Come and be my colleague in the Puget Sound!  The somewhat Jesuit, urban Seattle Pacific U. is hiring an Asian historian.

3. U. San Diego is seeking a new professor of art and architecture history and criticism in East Asia.

4. Call for Manuscripts: Environmental Challenges and Asia. EAA Winter 2010

Education About Asia (EAA) is the peer-reviewed teaching journal of the
Association for Asian Studies. Our readers include undergraduate
instructors as well as high school and middle school teachers. Our
articles are intended to provide educators, who are often not
specialists, with basic understanding of Asia-related content. Qualified
referees evaluate all manuscripts submitted for consideration.

We are in the process of developing a special section entitled
“Environmental Challenges and Asia” for the winter 2010 issue of EAA. In
this special section, we invite authors to submit manuscripts that
address topics such as the potential conflicts between economic growth
and the environment in Asia, the environmental movement in Asian
countries, natural resources and their utilization and conservation, and
environmental problems that affect particular Asian countries. We are
looking for manuscripts about all areas of Asia.

Prospective authors should be aware that approximately sixty percent of
our readers are secondary or middle school teachers and the rest teach
at the undergraduate level. We are most interested in manuscripts that
are useful for survey-level courses. Please consult the EAA guidelines,
available on the Web site under my signature, before submitting a
manuscript for this special section. Prospective authors are also
encouraged to share possible manuscript ideas with me via email
. The
deadline for initial submission of manuscripts is August 10, 2010.

[This one looks intriguing.  North Korea on Track II, whale migration, anyone?]

MC Jin's Lemon Bling -- via "Asian Rap Worldwide" blog in Vancouver, BC, CANADA -- click image for link

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