Seattle “Ecoterrorist” Arrested in Dali, Yunnan

As the New York Times reports, Justin Franchi Solondz has been on the run since trying to burn down some horticulture buildings at Seattle’s University of Washington campus in 2001.  It seems he has been holed up in Dali, Yunnan, impersonating a Canadian and keeping busy by burying 30 pounds of marijuana in his backyard. He is an alumnus of Evergreen State College, an institution … Continue reading Seattle “Ecoterrorist” Arrested in Dali, Yunnan

Le Figaro Photos of Pyongyang

Arnaud de la Grange has posted about a dozen quality photos of his recent trip to Pyongyang.  While most are of the standard landscapes, he has an eye for disruption, and captions are interesting (Pyonyang as Minsk in the 1950s). Perhaps the most intriguing: I have not had the pleasure of chatting with Korean Peoples’ Army brass on the train to Beijing, but DPRK diplomats?  … Continue reading Le Figaro Photos of Pyongyang