On Maurice Clemmons: For Tacoma Readers

Apparently Mr. Maurice Clemmons, the man who shot up my local coffee shop and killed four police officers on Sunday morning, was wiped out by a police officer in South Seattle late this afternoon.

Maggie’s Notebook has a solid update here.

I received the news from a cagey student after a class this evening on Japanese war crimes — a topic to which this blog shall no doubt return shortly.  The student mentioned also that Clemmons had been living in the local  area.

I spent about half an hour rooting around the Web and have two tidbits that have yet to show up in the burgeoning number of stories about Clemmons.

1. He was living under the name Maurice Smith at 1118 131st St S., Tacoma.

Directions to his residence from my office are here:

View Larger Map

This information appears to be confirmed on this message board, along with the local White Pages.

2. His business, Sea-Wash Pressure Washing & Landscaping, set up a branch company in Federal Way called Reggee’s Southern Dawgs, located here.

I think I’ll take a little walk…and get back soon to blogging the North Korean scene.

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