Chinese Foreign Ministry: Sweden’s Brazen Gambit Exposed to Interfere in China’s Internal Affairs

Sweden, a country that really knows a little something about assimilation of Turkic and Arab peoples, recently had the temerity to criticize the People’s Republic of China for executing five (5) nine (9) Uighurs who had been accused of fomenting the violence of this past July 2009.  Sweden is presently holding down the Presidency of the European Union and one of its particularly distinguished professors, Per Svastik, is a visiting professor of human rights at Beijing University.

Per Sevastik in Beijing, via Sweden's EU site

Audacious Journalist!  Qin Gang!  Step to the mic at the Foreign Ministry of the PRC press conference:

Q: On November 12, the Swedish Presidency, on behalf of the European Union, issued a statement, condemning China’s recent execution of nine criminals who participated in Urumqi July 5 Incident and asking China to abolish death penalty. Do you have any comment?

A: We express our strong dissatisfaction with the second EU statement in half a month that seriously interferers in China’s internal affairs. China is a country ruled by law, where there must be laws to go by, the laws must be observed and strictly enforced, and lawbreakers must be prosecuted. The judicial authorities of China have carried out fair and open trials of the suspects and brought to justice criminals guilty of the most heinous crimes. This is China’s judicial sovereignty which brooks no interference from any foreign parties. China strongly opposes the practice of breaking the rule of law under the pretext of rule of law, and urges the EU to earnestly abide by the principle of equality and mutual respect rather than make the same mistakes over and over again, with a view to contributing to the healthy and stable development of China-EU relations.

Sweden seems to be in the middle of everything East Asian these days — from negotiating for Euna Lee and Laura Ling’s release from Pyongyang to speaking up for the Uighurs, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Swedes.  After all, among other things they’ve got their eyes on Chinese churches and le droit de l’ours (e.g., bears’ rights) in the great Chinese north:

Courtesy MXP, the persistently documented Swedish missionaries and Christian human rights in China watch blog -- click image for link
Swedish models and Anneka Svenska "take part in a photocall to protest against China's cruel bear farms on October 6, 2003 at the Chinese Embassy, Portland Place in London." Photo courtesy Getty.

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  1. I don’t know who asked Qin Gang the question but I thought it was really silly. De javu anyone? Of course it is silly for anyone, that peaceful, lovely country known for the Nobel Prize and Ericsson included to condemn China on the death penalty. It is also silly to expect Qin Gang to say anything different from what has been said a thousand times. I am dozing off.

    I am in complete agreement with those models though. Close down those bear farms!!

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