Notes on Japan

Japan has been rather quiet in the U.S. news of late, but a few things have happened which may be worthy of attention:

1. The secret terms of the 1960 U.S.-Japan Security Treaty have been made public, and their revelation of U.S. transiting nuclear weapons through Japan has led to commentaries like this one from North Korea.

2. The Okinawa issue remains unresolved:

3. Tokyo isn’t getting want it wants (e.g., concessions on the abduction issue) from the Americans in Pyongyang.

4. Japan recently launched a new satellite with which to spy on North Korea.

via US News & World Report

5. Japanese women are looking as beautiful as ever, and marrying Chinese men in significantly larger numbers than before.


6. A Chinese woman had her fingertips surgically altered to make it through Japanese customs — and who said Japan wasn’t an attractive place to be?

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