Day: December 18, 2009

Third-Person Hiatus

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The author of this stalwart yet woefully scattershot blog will be enjoying the company of various and temporary North Americans on a journey by rail for the next couple of days.  This uprooting from the warm and soothing winds of the Puget Sound may produce in the author a type of “displacement trauma” rendering him functionless, unable to string together sentences of quasi-meaningful bavardage, let alone do anything but weep for visions of willowy branches […]

Chinese Cyber-Nationalism and Online Identity among Chinese Youth

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China / Chinese nationalism / Cultural Politics / East Asian modernity / Sino-Japanese Relations

China Media Research, a peer-reviewed online journal which is a cooperative venture between Zhejiang University and Michigan State University, carries two excellent and worthwhile articles in its latest issue. Li Mingsheng, a communications scholar at Massey University, lays out an excellent and densely-document account of the netizen response to the Tibet debacle (both the March riots and the Olympic Torch protests) of spring 2008, entitled “Chinese Nationalism in an Unequal Cyber War.”  (Opens as pdf.) […]