Day: December 22, 2009

Rechauffement: China and France Make Nice

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French diplomacy in East Asia has been proceeding apace.  Last month’s visit to North Korea by special envoy Jack Lang seems to have borne fruit: Paris announced it was on track to set up a liaison office in Pyongyang for economic, cultural, and linguistic exchange as a step toward full relations with the DPRK.  Lest this step be ridiculed, it’s worth considering that the Obama administration has now announced its interest in following a similar […]

He’s Making a List, and Checking It Eight

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Before you “check your loot” for the holiday, consider checking out the following eight stories: 1. This Global Times story (in English) digested from Yonhap and AFP reports of the inevitability of North Korean miniaturization of nuclear weapons.  That China is reporting on this as well indicates that the CCP recognizes that, as bad as things have been lately with North Korean nuclear tests, things could and probably will get much worse if North Korea […]