GVO Hits the Wharf: Promising Global Aggregate

I want to strongly recommend reading a trilingual essay linked below. How do Chinese netizens view the efforts of Western “China experts” like Rebecca MacKinnon? The essay leaves plenty to ponder, esp. how global internet and media interaction polish or nick, rather than fundamentally transform , Chinese self-regard, particularly in the extreme but by no means pure-fringe Chinese core of the “Anti-CNN” web movement from spring 2008.

The content is excellent, but the website! Wow. The whole concept between the vehicle — Global Voices Online — and its method (hyper-intelligent bloggers translating one another’s work, integrative in the extreme) is really worth thinking upon. Maybe they’ll take me in. Even lone wolves howl better in harmony.

Oiwan Lam, “China: Dialogue with Anti-CNN,” Global Voices Online, URL, April 17, 2009.

Oiwan Lam, “Chine : Dialogue avec Anti-CNN, le site des patriotes chinois,” translated by Nicolas Wong, Global Voices Online, URL, April 2009.

Hat tip to Stephanie Camus, a translator in France/Normandy, for checking out Sinologistical Violoncellist and the transformative link to her translation of Paul Kennedy’s post.

Oiwan Lam, the author recommended above, is a journalist in Hong Kong, obviously super smart, very worth reading.  Nicholas Wong does lots of Chinese-French translating and has some great stuff as well.

Are you with me?  I feel that with this post, the curtain is raising on the new decade.

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  1. Do join 🙂 (i am moderating your trackback on Global Voices in French, just behind “the curtain”)

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