Huanqiu Photos


Burning a Temple During the Cultural Revolution -- via Huanqiu Shibao- click image for link


The Huanqiu Shibao has been storing up all kinds of fascinating photo galleries of late.  Here are some of the more interesting, with minimal commentary.

— Foreigners view North Korea  — Set up in March 2009, this series of photos has about 137 comments from netizens;

— China reveals new research on comfort women in China, in a series of fascinating and valuable photos bringing to mind that December 2009 has been a rather active time for WWII and Nanking-related commemorations; scholars, filmmakers, and civil society is churning ahead with ostensibly “anti-Japanese” work while the CCP strives to tone it down, mostly:

— Except for these insanely graphic photos of Chinese disemboweled by inhuman Japanese [seriously disturbing]

— Who then go on to, in horrifying sentence fragments, give Japanese soldier rape testimonials  [bad news all around: is a testimony of a crime committed a form of apology?]

— But fortunately Huanqiu goes cultural with “Japan’s Most Hated 7 Chinese Stars

— And then brings us back to Chosun with some very, very simplistic use of architecture as evidence of Korea’s derivative nature.

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