Day: January 8, 2010

Bach am Freitag

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Ever since Seiji Ozawa went on the injured reserve for the global musicians’ squad, I have been feeling more compelled to get behind the axe, thus: A joyous C-major prelude, vite: Bitte enschuldigung für die Fehler am anfang des zweiten Minuten-zeichen [Please excuse the mistake at the outset of the second minute mark — it’s for Seiji, man]! and some G-major semidemiquavers in the quasi-style, though not equal to even a quasi of the skill, […]

Excellent Resource: DPRK TV on YouTube

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I have had the signal pleasure of running across a few YouTube snippets from Korean Central Television before on that Zeitgeist-friendly medium of YouTube, but the site maintained by this particular North Korea fan in Mexico (or so it appears) is particularly rich and frequently updated. Here is the 5-minute coverage of Wen Jiabao’s welcome at the Pyongyang airport:  The above film really does much better justice than photographic sources of how North Koreans are encouraged […]

Russia’s Pacific Ambitions // Stalin and the GWOT

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Cultural Politics

Working, living, and floating around the Puget Sound gives one a certain connection to the power of the Russian Far East.  Colleagues describe their struggles with Sakhalin dialect; whale-watchers plug the jukebox while wondering aloud if their mammals slide past Wonson en route to the Kamchatka spawning; sea-lion counters exude happiness upon return from the mists of mossy aerodromes in northern Kuriles; friends from Khabarovsk  thwack pungent birch branches in self-built saunas in Seattle, etching […]

Crumbling North America

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Art / Chinese Avant-Garde / Cultural Politics / Op-Ed

The Rust Belt continues to crumble.  This past week, my old hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, got some bad news: 18 schools, mainly on the African-American east side, would be closing for good, including East High School.  (East High had been the academic origin of some of my most ardent students at Hiram College, the old Western Reserve Eclectic Institute where I was a professor from 2004-2007).   The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the school closing story, […]