Upcoming Cello Performances (Seattle Area)

The great majority of readers of this blog arrive here looking for discussion of East Asia, but, from my perspective, they are a cultivated bunch who don’t mind a few references to French musical impressionism, Dmitri Shostakovich, or German musical romanticism. For local readers in particular, I’m offering here a prospectus of my upcoming solo performances, putting some more ballast behind the latter word in … Continue reading Upcoming Cello Performances (Seattle Area)

China to Replace Ambassador in Pyongyang

There about six or seven major stories unfolding simultaneously today in US-North Korea and Sino-North Korean diplomacy, but don’t miss this quiet development: China is shuffling its ambassadors on the Korean peninsula.  Liu Xiaoming, the dapper, Anglophone, and American-educated ambassador to the DRPK, seems set to move.   According to Chosun Ilbo: Liu Xiaoming, China’s incumbent ambassador to North Korea, who is an expert on U.S. … Continue reading China to Replace Ambassador in Pyongyang

This Ain’t Dallas: NYT on Seattle Teriyaki

This is, sadly, no food blog, but the following article from the New York Times has been giving me a great deal of joy lately and I thought I’d share: “Seattle has a thousand teriyakis,” Mrs. Ko said one afternoon. Her tone was dismissive, as if explaining the looming presence of the Space Needle to a not particularly bright child. “No Americans do the cooking. … Continue reading This Ain’t Dallas: NYT on Seattle Teriyaki

11 Jan 2010: Sino-Japanese Currents

A few new threads today: 1. The three-part NHK documentary on China’s rise is now available with Chinese subtitles.  Huanqiu’s BBS carries part three here.   Ironically, the name of the series is “China Power” [中国力量], but Huanqiu insists on the eye-catching title instead as “Japanese NHK Documentary: China’s Power: Giant Dragon Swallowing the World” [日本NHK纪录片:中国力量-吞噬世界的巨龙].   And here I thought that recent US media treatments of China … Continue reading 11 Jan 2010: Sino-Japanese Currents