Day: January 14, 2010

Extrembergsteiger: Inspiring Photo of the Day

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Thanks to one of my blogging mentors at ROK Drop, I’ve come to understand the power of a single photo.  I doubt I’ll be anywhere near daily, but these two, from Der Spiegel’s regular (e.g., German-language) online magazine, of a couple of “Extrembergsteigern” (“extreme mountain climbers”) in the Alps bring inspiration to ever higher efforts, better intonation, elevated word counts, Brahmsian growth….

CCP Rewards North Korean Peace Offensive with Good Press / Note on EU Sanctions

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Occasionally Xinhua relays a very halcyon story about North Korea in the Chinese press, hearkening back in tone to the 1950s, when all was well in the Sino-North Korean relationship.  (The 1950s always looks more harmonious when we forget how Chinese People’s Volunteers caused controversy by eating all the grain and sleeping with North Korean widows, and further forgetting how Kim Il Song purged the “Yanan Faction” from the North Korean ruling circles, that is.) […]