Day: January 16, 2010

10,000 Chinese Netizens Know Curtis Melvin, Google Earth North Korea

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East Asian modernity / North Korea / Sino-North Korean relations

Amid the obligatory fury at the Chinese government for restricting the flow of information into China, it’s worth noting that articles like this one are increasing in prevalence: a Tianya translation of a CNN article about Andrei Lankov, Curtis Melvin, and the wonders of mapping North Korean gulags on Google Earth. According to statistics the article has been read over 10,000 times; let’s hope the current dispute doesn’t potentially rob all 344 million Chinese internet […]


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中国和世界网民正在讨论“谷歌考虑退出中国市场事件“, 揭出好多问题 — 大火墙怎么办呢? 还有一个不少的问题: 事件后,中美要关系从什么基础继续? 美国政府,希拉里和欧巴马总统怎么可能不公开批评中国? 当然本事对中美,中欧政治和经济关系有影响,但是事件必须对中国全社会的思想自由,消息自由,说话自由有更更重重的重要性. 我因该承认这个热风讨论 (我也在这里多少册承认了中国大学生的反日情绪和纪念历史讨论阿?)– 不承认的话,我能不能在我们时代中? (把自己现代化了,家伙!本博客的内容基本上没意思的,但是博客介值就为了我和伟大祖国[砸]地现代化,尤其我们美国年轻学者不可能走后面! 没有率领性,就没有认真生活。) 但是在全大规模的中国网络中,谷歌是一个小部分。今天我想试试另外个方面 — 中国网民的对朝鲜博客和讨论自由? 对我来讲,中国的讨论朝鲜政策的网站比较多,最好 宣布的, 见: 文革时期黑龙江朝鲜归侨境遇资料几则 朝鲜新年三报共同社论宣传画三帧【组图】 [有点儿可笑] 另外的是这个把西媒体的新闻报告翻译: google退出中国的真正原因 In English: basically I’m bloviating on the Google issue, and then turning to see if Chinese have freedom of information on North Korea, and then recommending a ridiculously well-documented PRC blog on North Korea which offers stuff you’ve never heard of, like these pictures of gravestones and returning the remains of […]

Advance! : Sino-Korean Research in the Publication Pipeline

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Seattle is full of goodness on this misty, sunny, drizzling, French press in the morning weekend.  Eastern mountains blaze with snow and light, Japanese-Americans send out slabs of sushi in Bellevue (Seattle’s Orange-County-with-rain banlieue), pages get scribbled in a windowsills on Fremont‘s young and proletarian streets, Taiwanese dole out sticky rice to a multinational gaggle on University Avenue, and funky Chinese jukebox joints thrum with glories both crude and glorious in Wallingford. Which is all […]