Xi Jinping Talks Rectification

Ultimately, the man wants nothing less than smooth control over the unwieldy Party.  Rectification is the word of the day.

Xi Jinping Talks Bureaucracy (Presages a Strike Hard Campaign?) in Zhongnanhai


  1. I was reading about his father earlier today, Xi Zhongxun (习仲勋) in some documents in 建国以来刘少奇文稿. By spring 1952 it was clear that there were some overeager leaders in Xinjiang trying to enact religious reforms and pasturage reform (畜牧改革, still figuring out the best way to translate that) too quickly. The result was, apparently, quite a bit of discontent and the mass slaughter of livestock. Xi Zhongxun was called in to clean up the mess and impressed the Beijing leadership circle quite a bit.

    1. Fantastic! Thanks for the details. Interesting generational aspects of pacifying the frontier, knowledge handed down…

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