Performance Postscript

This past weekend I had the good fortune of hooking up with dynamo pianist Robert Jorgensen in Olympia, Washington, for a run of performances of cello sonatas by Beethoven and Brahms, with some character pieces by Nadia Boulanger (and her inspiration, Gabriel Faure) for good measure.

Adam Cathcart (with cello by Paul Hart) in Beijing, China, 2006

Before the week explodes inward with its many demands, and all musical thoughts are squeezed to the margins, I thought I might share a few thoughts about the performance and practice aspects which may be of use to some creative types, other musicians, or just as food for thought about any process that takes work to arrive at something that looks easy and sounds beautiful, when in fact it is damned hard, takes years of work, and in fact is never really done.

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