NK-PRC Roundup

The Korean Central News Agency — as well as the Chinese Embassy — in Pyongyang has been putting out all manner of noteworthy stuff lately which is worth some commentary.  Youthful themes abound. 1. Chinese Ambassador on a Farewell (Business) Tour of the Border Region If it weren’t already obvious that China wants to move into overdrive with plans for North Korean economic expansion, Liu … Continue reading NK-PRC Roundup

Huanqiu Chatter

In its coverage of the Google affair, the New York Times is now quoting regularly from the Global Times.  What is perplexing is that the American reporters in Beijing only seem to be reading the English version of the paper!  The Chinese version (known as Huanqiu Shibao [环球时报]) is a much juicier, more nationalistic, and, quite naturally, reflective of what Chinese people are actually reading … Continue reading Huanqiu Chatter