Day: January 30, 2010

Border News 中朝边防

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North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

North Koreans in border regions are doing more military drills than usual (click here for Chinese version), but so too are their counterparts on the Chinese side of the border.  In Hunchun, peasant militias are getting into gear: In Dandong, everyone is making money and trying to get the North Koreans involved. National news publications, not just the Embassy in Pyongyang, are reporting on the meetings between North Korean officials and Dandong city leaders, facilitated by outgoing Chinese […]

The Chinese Century Means Xinhua Critiques of Indian Reservations in USA / 美国也有少数民族矛盾

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Cultural Politics / U.S.-China Relations

It’s about time Xinhua sent some reporters to Indian reservations in New Mexico: Since the phrase “interference in our internal affairs” isn’t quite a specific part of the American vocabulary, perhaps we in North America could benefit from greater attention among Chinese to societal “contradictions” in the United States.  From a diplomatic standpoint, welcoming, regularizing, and calling attention to such attention could give us more of that scarce credibility when it came time to criticize […]

Performance Notes

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Cello / Music

This has to be done while things are still clarion.  Visuals etched on the cerveau, still.  Light, shadows, whisperings of fabric: breaths combine into the performance. The purpose of what follows is to capture an auto-critique, to sculpt out something verbal and didactic which lends a shoulder to future performance endeavors.  So if you have the stomach to clench up and feel a kind of resistance to pulse, go ahead and read on, but at […]