US-China Scuffles

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China / U.S.-China Relations

An outbreak of Korea-related materials have the present author slightly detained at the moment, but one can’t help but notice the sharp deterioration of public rhetoric in the US-China relationship.

Shen Dingli, one of China’s most prominent establishment intellectuals, has a large new editorial in the Global Times (in Chinese) on the Google issue, confronting the freedom of information issue head-on. (Big surprise: national security and sovereignty trump all else, and American imperialism gets a minor bashing.)   Although the editorial will probably make it into English (or French, as Shen has published before in Le Monde Diplomatique) at some point, I may get busy on translating it this afternoon.  We will see.

And then there is this article, also from Huanqiu Shibao, portending a “new Cold War” in US-China relations, at least as far as some netizens are concerned.  Say it ain’t so!

Chinese Cops at a Rock Concert in Chaoyang Park, 2007 音乐会在朝阳公园 - via France2Pekin

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  1. Chuck says

    I’m sure the U.S. missions in China are talking about this article already, especially in Shanghai– where they have opportunities to meet with scholars from Fudan.

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