Releasing Robert, and Economic Development in Tumen

One Free Korea, channeling Reuters and a fascinating KCNA-published “confession” of the border-hopping misssionary, reports that Robert Park will be released from captivity in North Korea. Meanwhile, Chinese media outlets have yet to pick up the story, but might do so eventually.  Given their druthers, the Chinese would rather not give mainland readers the idea that foreigners are running willy-nilly in the Northeast, as the … Continue reading Releasing Robert, and Economic Development in Tumen

Beijing Notes

The Beijinger reports that wide swaths of the Gulou (Drum Tower) neighborhood may be slated for destruction and horrid Disney/Qianmen-style theme park makeover: Disturbing news in the Chinese press has bar owners around Gulou (aka the Drum Tower) feeling nervous. Plans have been announced to “restore” the area around the tower to the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and build an underground “Beijing … Continue reading Beijing Notes