Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Trying to Put 19th Century Teutonic Wisdom into Effect Creates 21st Century Callouses at an Acoustically Perfect University such as This One; or, "Who Cares About Your Callouses, Now Get Back to the E-flat Arpeggios While I Read this Kummer and Compare Kim Il Song's Artistic Philosophy of 'Arirang' to Jaques Dalcroze's Eurhythmics and Karl Orff's Nazified version of 'Kindermusik'

2 thoughts on “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

    1. Organists know it well….just a few stumbles of the feet can gum up an otherwise great piece. I would say that in general, anchoring the bass line is the most important thing. Personally, I would like for life to resemble a chaccone, with music serving as a regular pedal tone against which everything else merely forms a background. But I am glad to know that organists Dutch have similar sentiments.

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