US-China Joint Patrols in Haiti

The small left-wing press in my current haunts of Seattle and Olympia have been scattering pamphlets decrying the militarization of the U.S. response to the humanitarian disaster in Haiti, but it appears that something that might be considered positive news is occurring as well: joint patrols, even as China threatens to further curtail military-military contacts with Washington.

click image for link to the story

(Via the War is Boring blog; thanks to K. Knodell, a recent returnee from Dubai, for the link.)

UPDATE: Now the Global Times/Huanqiu Shibao picks up the story and supplies another three photographs taken by Xinhua photographers Sun Jian and Wang Chao here; a handful of comments by Chinese netizens on relative levels of military prowess are here.)

courtesy Huanqiu Shibao

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