Day: March 20, 2010

Jewish Cello Music (Performance)

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Cello / War Crimes / World War II

This afternoon I played a bundle of Jewish (and related) pieces for cello and piano at a conference of scholars and educators.  Video of my performance with pianist Robert Jorgenson is linked here.  At the page itself, just scroll down to the picture of the cellist and the header entitled “Break: Music of the Holocaust.” It should open in Microsoft Media Player… Timings and repertoire: 0:00-8:50 tuning, etc. [nothin] 8:50-15:46  “Nigun,” by Ernst Bloch [the […]

Sino-Japanese Contrasts

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Sino-Japanese Relations / Uncategorized

Bifurcated views of Japan within the PRC (and the global Chinese diaspora) are nothing new, but two new Huanqiu photo galleries are particularly striking in this regard. The first shows some hideously gruesome corpse pictures of what are said to be Chinese victims of Japanese chemical weapons attacks, presumably in Changde in 1940.   If such in-your-face evidence isn’t your thing, try this photograph of some museum claymation of Japanese Kwantung Army soldiers doing frostbite experiments […]