Manchurian Brides in Japan

Yes, I’m aware that the title of this post is somewhat retro, and would be happy to change it if someone can convince me that this post on the Huanqiu BBS isn’t just a bit redolent of an earlier era.  Entitled 还有民族尊严吗?每年1万中国女孩嫁到日本 [“Do they still have racial pride?  Every year 10,000 Chinese girls are married off to Japan”), the story describes the patter of migration, … Continue reading Manchurian Brides in Japan

Curiosities on the Chinese Internet

Given that censorship is supposed to be heavier than ever these days in China, I found very curious — and slightly aberrant — these two stories today on Huanqiu Shibao, a flagship outlet for foreign news and opinion in Beijing. 1. The following article from 《日本新华侨报》(Xinhua Daily for Overseas Chinese in Japan) does a dissertation on the much-debated phrase “有关部门”  (“relevant authorities”).  The phrase is … Continue reading Curiosities on the Chinese Internet