Curfews in Hoeryong

The new Good Friends report is now available.  At a time when Kim Jong Il is said to be revving up for a trip to the PRC prior to an April 9 congress in Pyongyang, it’s worth noting that lawlessness in Sino-North Korean border areas is on the rise.  See this dispatch from Hoeryong, on the border with Yanbian:

Hoeryong, “Do not roam around unnecessarily after 7pm”
The Security Bureau of Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province announced residents through the heads of Neighborhood Unit to restrict outdoor activities after 7 pm in response to increasing crimes of robbery and murder. According to the Security Bureau’s announcement, robbers specializing in fraud from Chung-Jin infiltrated to the city, so residents should take precautions by refraining from roaming around and checking the doors. The Bureau official also emphasized that those who offer accommodation to non-resident relatives and strangers for money will be punished by being sent to the reeducation center.

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