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CCTV Coverage of Baghdad Bombing

Watching CCTV should be a serious pastime for someone like myself, but I tend not to have it on as often as I should.  However, last night’s dramatic rescue of miners from a collapse in Hebei Shanxi (山西) got me glued in, whereupon CCTV-4 started its broadcast as follows:

1. Workers Rescued from the Mine4 minutes, much machinery, tuanjie feeling, caring officials, missive from Zhongyang (the Central Committee) read aloud in the klieg lights at 4:15 a.m, exhorting all to great unity under the banner of the CCP.

2. Bombing in Baghdad30 seconds, Xinhua bureau endangered, no deaths at Chinese Embassy [CCTV coverage here]

3. Terrorism in Russia2 minutes, some guilty parties mixed in with civilian shots of women who look vaguely Uighur

So why is it that CCTV’s English video coverage of the bombing doesn’t mention the danger posed to Chinese interests in Iraq?  Are we supposed to forget that China has interests in Iraq?   (Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker told me that Americans should be supporting China — big time — in its drive to do business in Iraq.)  Perhaps the cauterizing 1999 experiences in Kosovo, or the previous harm to Chinese in Baghdad bombings, keeps this story under wraps in Xinhua’s English coverage?

Curious.  Cela me mine!

"Three Bombs Explode in Central Baghdad -- Xinhua Bureau Suffers Damage" -- via CCTV