Stories I’m Following

I’m following the story of two North Korean agents apprehended in South Korea on a mission to kill the vocal octogenarian defector Hwang Jang Yop — that is, I’m following how the story is being played in the PRC news media.  Huanqiu Shibao carries the story here, while commentators on describe their understanding of what it all means.  (“North and and South Korea have decided to fight,” says one.)

Then we have peasants protesting rural corruption in the northeastern PRC province of Liaoning, a story which made some waves recently in China.  At some point I’m hoping to have some Huanqiu translations posted on either or both of these memes.

And Jack Lang talks French North Korean policy (with audio!).

But, since it’s the internet, in the meantime, please enjoy this extensive compilation of propaganda signage in rural China.

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