Feeding Into (and Feasting From) Korean News Feeds

Apart from Richard Horgan’s nigh-immortal Tweet streams of North Korea stories [available here and here], few online aggregators of North Korea content are more useful than Korea News Feeds.

I’m pleased to inform readers of this blog that Sinologistical Violoncellist has been added to the Korea News Feeds page on North Korea & Analysis.  If you’re arriving at Sinologistical Violoncellist from Korea News Feeds, welcome to the site.  North Korea content can be isolated from my other posts on Chinese foreign and cultural relations via the various sidebars, the most useful of which might be Sino-North Korean Relations (112 posts in the past year) and the North Korean border region (88 posts in the past year).  Posts on North Korea’s relations with EU countries can be accessed here.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, I would encourage you to bookmark the Korea News Feeds if you haven’t already.  Creating new content using Chinese (and occasionally French and German) sources, as we try to do here, is vital work, but there’s nothing like a big mean news aggregator to make the hunt for English-language sources a little bit faster.

One final thought, however: The one-year anniversary of Sinologistical Violoncellist is coming up on April 30, 2010.  (A birthday I’ll celebrate by prepping for a week-long visit with When China Rules the World author Martin Jacques, and participation in a performance of the Brahms Clarinet Quintet at the Seattle Art Museum.  More later on retrospectives…)  In the past year, in addition to highlighting a few of my print publications on the DPRK, this blog’s North Korea content has at various times been linked by Harper’s, Danwei.org, North Korea Economy Watch, North Korea Leadership Watch, the French-North Korean Friendship Association, and the Economist.  So, let’s welcome Korea News Feeds to the party.


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