Kim Jong Il in the Chinese Mainland Press

Fresh from a session with Bruce Cumings at the University of Washington (more on his speech tomorrow, including photographs), I’m posting a few links to dispel the notion that Kim Jong Il’s visit to the PRC is proceeding, as the LA Times asserted, under “a media blackout.” Huanqiu Shibao now carries a rather fatty newspage exclusively devoted to Kim’s visit: Kim is now reported to … Continue reading Kim Jong Il in the Chinese Mainland Press


Jens-Olaf’s photostream from Gimhae is simply tremendous: historical castles, walls, dramas, and life in Korea… And speaking of linguistic walls, Munich’s Suddeutsche Zeittung has a 21-image gallery of examples of “chinglish” in Shanghai, thus outdoing the New York Times. But in the meantime, it is enough to simply be reminded that, yes, Korea looks like this in the pre-spring: Continue reading Mauern