Bruce Cumings Strikes North of the 47th Parallel: Seattle, May 4

How fitting is the congruity?  That not a score of hours after Chicago’s top historian swooped down out of the sky to deliver missives of exhortation to heed the still-trembling legacy of Japan in 1930s Manchuria, that I should find myself –scheduled by a previous version of myself! — watching the film Devils at the Doorstep / 鬼子来了?

And then the historian echoed

Bruce Cumings Dissects the Goose Step at University of Washington, May 4, 2010

Perhaps on a future rainy day I will blast out the pith of his discussion here, but a few slides will suffice in the meantime.

All roads lead to Manchuria; the gunpowder scent of the Minsaengdan Incident of '32 seems acrid still to some

And now from Kishi Nobusuke to another son of the Pacific…

Bruce Lee Tribute Graffitti, Seattle -- photo by Adam Cathcart

And by the way, if you wish to investigate for yourself (rather than have Radio Free Asia spoon feed it to you) the phenonmenon of anti-Kim Jong Il tweets in China, just plug “正日  滚” into a Twitter search and have fun surfing…

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