Video Reports on the Korean Situation

The discovery of a North Korean propeller on a recovered torpedo seems to have sent Northeast Asia over the edge of normalcy.  And, in Tokyo, Hillary Clinton is denouncing Pyongyang.

Al Jazeera reports on the situation in South Korea just prior to the public accusations of North Korean torpedoes and Secretary Clinton’s visit:

This France24 report (in French) provides a solid overview of the current crisis.

And if it’s war that’s being prepared for, then I have to recommend without reservation this 2.5 hour long C-SPAN gem of a roundtable on North Korean war capabilities hosted last February 2010 in Washington, D.C.   I had the pleasure of listening to the entire thing two times through so far, but hope to hear it again.  Arch-“Dragon Slayer” Gordon Chang makes a couple of appearances in the reporters’ gallery.

Finally, now back to the world of the printed word, Deutsche Welle reports an unusual angle, stating that the Kim Jong Il visit to China will result in more enforced repatration of North Korean refugees from the PRC.


    1. Thanks, Dana. I don’t really understand why, but it seems that German media are some of the quickest to assume that smaller conflicts such as the sinking of the Cheonan can rapidly lead to war in Korea. As for Deutsche Welle, it’s one for me to keep an eye out for…

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