Day: June 17, 2010

Burning about North Korea: Chinese Netizens

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North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

“日你妈!挑衅=中国纳税人钱送给杀人犯=中朝友好=中国人命=3000个圈“ and other such comments on the news that North Korea would pay $3000 USD to each of the families of the killed and wounded people in the June 4 border shootings. For more extensive commentary from the Chinese press, see this entry entitled “Borderline Banditry”; the comments section there is also full of juicy links. Rather than extensive commentary here (although it’s certainly deserving), I’ll just Tweet the links forthwith.

June 18: Celebrating Charles de Gaulle

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French / World War II

Who cares that the French (“les bleus”) are a stagnant Fussballmannschaft who is on the verge of being bounced from World Cup play? Because tomorrow in Europe begins today: it is the seventieth anniversary of General Charles de Gaulle’s announcement of “la Resistance” from a radio booth in London.  Which means that French President Nicholas Sarkozy will be — where else? — in London, with a Gaullist book between his hands, to commemorate. In short, […]