Spiegel, Wand, Mauer: Zur Durchfuhrung

Sheaves of archives are thrown into headlong winds, documents bearing tales of intent: warfare of wills, bodies visibly scarred, tattooed shards of broken minds.  North Americans entered Asia in earnest in the 20th century and often, though God was foremost in their minds, seemed to accelerate and render more efficient the pace of sanguine vengeance.  Thick black lines of borders (which are not lines at all, yet even to rebel against them confirms their heft) reflect deep welts of the cudgel: political violence, triumph of a band of oppressive wills.  Peng Dehuai and Kim Il, please meet General Ridgeway.  The historian thus disintegrates.  A band of immense and solemn pedal tones, rings extending out into infinite space, shall tell the tale.  The war becomes a wall mural, smeared thick with the wreckage of promised utopias, yet sound spools through it, masticating even concrete, effacing all.    Durchführung, so führen Sie durch: The future demands fugue, not dirge!

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