North Korea’s World Cup: German-Language Resources

German views of Korea are always worth a listen, and will be for the foreseeable future.  After all, Germany knows all about national division and dealing with communist legacies, and a thing or two about Marxism and dictatorship as well.  And, for a country with less than one-third the population of the United States, Germany has got a press to die for.  That is, the … Continue reading North Korea’s World Cup: German-Language Resources

Schriftsteller in Abattoir

The day is beginning in Berlin, and there is much to do: data to smash, thoughts to let float, writing to be combed through like twigs on a forest floor.  I thought I might make list and therefore represent the summery burdens which are, at times, light, and, at other times, groaning with incontestable weight.  The present projects in progress, die Werke im Aufbau!  I … Continue reading Schriftsteller in Abattoir

Burning about North Korea: Chinese Netizens

“日你妈!挑衅=中国纳税人钱送给杀人犯=中朝友好=中国人命=3000个圈“ and other such comments on the news that North Korea would pay $3000 USD to each of the families of the killed and wounded people in the June 4 border shootings. For more extensive commentary from the Chinese press, see this entry entitled “Borderline Banditry”; the comments section there is also full of juicy links. Rather than extensive commentary here (although it’s certainly deserving), … Continue reading Burning about North Korea: Chinese Netizens

June 18: Celebrating Charles de Gaulle

Who cares that the French (“les bleus”) are a stagnant Fussballmannschaft who is on the verge of being bounced from World Cup play? Because tomorrow in Europe begins today: it is the seventieth anniversary of General Charles de Gaulle’s announcement of “la Resistance” from a radio booth in London.  Which means that French President Nicholas Sarkozy will be — where else? — in London, with … Continue reading June 18: Celebrating Charles de Gaulle

A Little Huanqiu Nationalism

If the above link to a gallery of Chinese volunteers in Vietnam [浴血南疆对越自卫反击战 ] fails to satisfy, be sure not to miss some obligatory Xinhua praise of the Boxer Movement [义和团运动 ] as “a patriotic, anti-imperialist movement of farmers in North China” or an extensive reminder in this scintillating lead from  “战后日本 关于民间“认罪”的不完全记录 [ Postwar Japan’s Record Regarding Collective ‘Guilt’ is Not Complete]”: 如今很多日本人却不了解历史的真相。二战结束以来,日本右翼组织从未停止过扭曲史实、美化侵略的行动。几十年来,篡改教科书、参拜靖国神社、挑起钓鱼岛主权争端、阻碍奥运火炬日本传递……不仅挑拨着受害国家人民的神经,也在战争之后一次又一次伤害他们的心灵。 Nothing … Continue reading A Little Huanqiu Nationalism