Berlin Tales: Zyklus, Takt 1

What follows is the first of what I anticipate will be a series of stories from my time in Berlin in June and early July, 2010. Generally, I anticipate pairing shorter independent stories — such as the “Prelude” below — with fragments from a longer and multi-part tale which is currently being called “Mohammad: Skirmishes.”  It’s a slightly different mode of writing (creative non-fiction, I … Continue reading Berlin Tales: Zyklus, Takt 1

拆 the World

那是艺术家的责任:震动我们的思想,批评形式,创新观点。 可观摩观摩! (徐在黑暗监狱座之外,当然)。 Apart from the Edward Wong story which is linked in the below picture, I’m not familiar with the case of artist Wu Yuren, nor have I seen his art in a gallery or otherwise.  In spite of that, I was pleasantly shocked by his artistic statement in the photo, where the character for “destroy/demolish” (probably one of the most ubiquitous sights in … Continue reading 拆 the World