Anti-Japanese Currents in Chengdu

For information information about the recent anti-Japanese actions in my current locale, Chengdu, see:

Today I received this mass text message on my mobile phone:

日本军人很色,所以叫黄军!色就是爱干那事,所以又叫日军! 后来战败不干那事了,就改叫自慰队了!口, 自慰队就是自己日自己,所以就叫日本人了。日本人随时都要干,所以女人后边背块毯子,日本人干那事不分地点,所以为了纪念你们的做爱地点,在孩子的名字前边加上山口,井边,等地名。是中国人就转发给十个最铁的哥们,不发是汉奸!发完进年明年肯定都快乐。没办法,狗日的太狠了。撞我渔船,还扣我船长,以此纪念抗日战争胜利65周年。

Suffice it to say, the above is a rather vulgar bit of word play condensing a number of popular sentiments critical of Japan.

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