Blockages and Pathways

After apologizing for the longest electronic absence in the history of Sinologistical Violoncellist, I should like to note three things:

1. This blog is now blocked on the Chinese mainland;
2. The Global Times, so unapologetic in its blaring Chinese edition, somehow turns out to be a godsend for musical criticism and the classical music scene in China, going so far as to review Beethoven Cello Sonata albums (in addition to talking Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill)

Cellist Qin Liwei, photo by The Global Times

3. This blog received a very favorable (actually, an “extraordinary”) review from one of my favorite establishments in the U.S., New York City, the print world generally, e.g., Melville House Publishing.  Melville, as North Korean watching readers will know, published Bryan Myers’ latest book, The Cleanest Race.

I am busily smashing out a few new print pieces and hope that further apologia for absences from this space shall not be needed.  Certainly the inspiration here in Chengdu, and points west and east (and ultimately northeast, the eternal direction) is far from lacking and the fires are burning; Beijing beckons and the frozen plains beyond.


  1. congratulations for the review!
    but WordPress are always block in the mainland no?
    I’ve pass by sometimes and wondering you are disappeared for doing a secret project..haha!

  2. I really enjoyed this part of the review: “[H]is blog is more of a single scholar’s East Asian Journal (capital “J”) than it is a weblog”(!)

    Good job on annoying the censors enough to get blocked. Or has all of WordPress been blocked?

    1. Apparently all of WordPress has been blocked…not a completely bad thing, as it means I get more writing done of the “dead tree” variety.

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