Learning New Tricks: Analyzing Andrian Kreye’s “Hopes for the Web 3.0”

In an earlier post analyzing the common trope-du-jure (are the Egyptian upheavals representative of a technological spark that will start a prairie fire in East Asia?) I cited an article by Andrian Kreye which I had had schlepped back from a newsstand in Berlin’s tremendous node of prose-production, Rosenthaler Platz.  The article deals with the political meaning of the internet and in particular delves into the views of former Wikileaks insider Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

Fortunately my institution (Pacific Lutheran University), in its infinite wisdom (yes!) had deigned it necessary to make tech updates which now allow me to post video directly to YouTube without any editing or fuss whatsoever.  The sound quality might be slightly sketchy, but give it time, give it time!  Professor Cathcart, meet 2011.  I’m glad you two could meet.

Check out the YouTube video

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