Sinologistical Violoncellist China Media Review – Feb. 15, 2011

Today’s focus: Sino-North Korean relations, with tidbits about border security, a North Korean diplomatic visit to France, and the ongoing consequences of Mubarak’s fall in Northeast Asia.

Link to the Video

Corrections/Auto-critiques: At about 6:40, I mean “North Korean-French relations,” not “Sino-French relations”; a simple Chinese headline hog-ties my tongue; and the Midwestern all-purpose adjective (“interesting”) is entirely too ubiquitous.  Other than that, another day, another media review achieved.

Relevant Links (via my Twitter feed):

Destination Pyongyang speculates about Chinese embarrassment re: KCNA announcement of PRC support for Kim Jong Un

– Photos of NK-PRC Public Security Ministers meeting in Pyongyang, plus Kim Jong Il staring at a smooth red rock

Liu Hongcai, Chinese Ambassador in Pyongyang, extreme left, looks on in high spirits while PRC Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu presents a gift to a nonplussed Kim Jong Il ("are they trying to kill me?") two days before his 69th birthday -- courtesy Huanqiu Shibao

– Circuitously, Huanqiu Shibao confirms KCNA report that China agrees to NK succession

– Speculation: news of Mubarak fall filtering into NK= ideological tightening

– Huanqiu now quick to cover demonstrations in Tehran, no commentary allowed

– Pleasing their CCP guest, North Korea supports the Great Firewall

– North Korea’s man at the UN, Yun Yong-il, parties and talks Songun with French Friendship Association in Bagneux

Relevant Video:

Yun Yong-il and the North Korean delegation speaking at the United Nations — this is classic, classic stuff.  In substance, Yun’s speech in 2010 is little different from the PRC’s first wild speech in that body by Wu Xiuquan in 1950, which was loaded with similar language about Japan’s deep desire to revive military conquest:

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