China Media Review, 16 Feburary 2011

I took the day off from media reviewing, but thought that I might share yesterday’s short video, which has stories about Xinjiang, Tibet, and American broadcasts into China.  It runs just over four minutes, hopefully worth your time.

Now with annotations!  I think this YouTube thing has some real potential.

Link to the Video

Relevant Links on Kasgar destruction:

Relevant Links on Tibet

Barry Sautman’s book (Google books version)

Money quote from Jeff Rud in Seattle’s alt-anti-fascist paper, Eat the State:

Tibet is the most terrifying nightmare place on the face of the planet. The brutality of the Chinese Communist Party on display here would make Goebbels shiver. Summary execution by gunshot is common in the streets, and the only thing that covers the blood splattered throughout Jokhang Square is the ever-falling ash from a hundred monasteries aflame. Sleeping in Lhasa is rendered all but impossible by the endless screams of a million people in chains.

You’d like it if all of this were true, you ambulance-chasing voyeurists.

I decided early on that I would write nothing substantial on the Tibetan Autonomous Region until I had seen conditions there for myself. I’ve since spent a little over a week in Tibet. I won’t claim to be an expert, but I will happily say that I’m better qualified to make broad general statements about this part of the world than some clove-smoker at your local coffee shop who bemoans thousands of monks being executed annually by the Chinese government (an occasion which nearly led the author to lose his composure against a sixty-year old woman).

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  1. Agree or disagree with his viewpoint, but you have got to concede that Mr. Rud can really turn a phrase with fantastic precision! I can’t recall writing anything this sharp myself in a very long time. Perhaps there is something to it when youth meets experience and means of expression.

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