Eyes on Tibet

Amid all of the recent speculation over the impact of Egypt’s democratic movement on the Chinese domestic milieu, you may have missed this set of rather-hard line statements by CCP officials in Tibet about smashing separatism.  JustRecently, who has been on fire lately with such things as Google’s position in China, has a good review of some rather pro-India statements made recently by the Dalai Lama, and translates a good chunk of a Huanqiu Shibao article about Tibet.

For some photo confirmation from this past October that the PLA is engaging in target practice drills within view of Gyanden Monastery near Lhasa, you can check out these photos from October.


  1. The convoluted fight between the Tibetan government, in conjunction with the Chinese government, against the Dalai Lama just reminds me of the mudslinging or face saving tactics in American politics. Though, I do find the Lama’s speech of good will and acceptance to be a better strategy than the Tibetan government’s quoted “fight” in the long run when working with world politics as this doesn’t fully show what each side is actually doing about what is wanted. I do not know how altruistic or selfish each party at this time is, but the Tibetans need to rethink their attack strategy.

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