Assessing U.S.-China Competition After the Hu Jintao Visit

Chinese basketball players spreading a Confucian message of harmony and hope in the year 2010. -- Well, maybe Nass is right, forget 2010...

What follows is a straight-up reading of Matthias Nass’ op-ed in Die Zeit recalibrating the US-China relationship, with special reference to debt and national security, and Hu Jintao in Washington. In general, the message is one wherein China dominates, but the execution of the points is, at least, interesting to me, and most everything (with the exception of the last minute, which I’m working on later), is annotated for English speakers.

Link to the reading.

For more readings of Nass (and his analysis of the Uighurs in Guantanamo Bay issue) from 2009, this video , with very little English translation, is perhaps also useful.


  1. “Für sie alle bleiben die USA als Gegengewicht zu China unverzichtbar” (4’56”) should be translated as something like “for all of them, the US remain an indispensable counterweight to China”. But I agree that Mittelstreckenraketen are scheiße (5’39”) whereever they may be banging in.
    As for the design of Sinologistical Violoncellist TV, it sounds a bit as if you were calling from Mount Tripoli, with a satellite phone, and maybe you should also come across a bit more authoritaritive, i. e. like this. 😉
    Merry weekend!

  2. I was totally wondering where that link came from, good man!!! Authoritative indeed!

    I also found that Die Zeit offers a podcasting service of this and other key stories, read aloud by the smoothest possible German voice, it’s enough to make my ambitions appear immediately feeble (as opposed to gradually feeble, you know?). But that podcasting service costs a fee, so folks like me offering free content (at least for the time being! you know there is, or at least should be, a huge demand among Anglophones for German perspectives about such things as China, US-China relations, green energy competition, Wirtschaftliche modelle, usw.) have a corner on the market so far…

    If nothing else, JR, you remain unversichtbar, a fantastic Gegengewicht. Thanks.

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