1. King Tubby says

    Bundesarchiv….in English….that’s civilised. Far out.

    Is that two more of Arno Breker’s Grecian homo-erotic semi- sculphural bodies either side of the pillar?? The paganistic/non-christian element in Nazi aesthetic cultural production. Wish I could provide the reference here, but the book is in the Shenzhen library.

  2. Adam Cathcart says

    Very good question, KT. To my knowledge, this building — which is on the grounds of the Bundesarchive and may be slated to be torn down in the next year or so — was put up during the Nazi era. I don’t know about Arno Breker’s involvement specifically, but the building is a gymnasium and certainly the figures show his influence.

  3. King Tubby says

    Adam. After traversing tons of garbage on a net search here is my reference:

    Karla Poewe New Religions and the Nazis Routledge NY & London 2006

    And an acceptable sort of review by an Australian Baptist. The book is really good and quite unsensationalist, if I recall.


    Gymnasium…..the very word rings a ton of body- perfect connotations in my mind, but I came from a British school background where the gym was the site for canings and other indignities for the rebellious.

    • Adam Cathcart says

      Very fortunate to get this answer, Werner, thank you! Now one walks past the statues to get to the archive; whereas before one used to walk past the plaque about the Americans occupying the former army school.

      • Adam Cathcart says

        There is also an incorrect tendency at work by people like myself to imagine that if a building looks like it could have been put up from 1933-1945, then it was, to the exclusion of construction which had actually taken place during the Weimar or even late Wilhelmine era.

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