Day: April 23, 2011

Bach, Easter

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In three flats, the C-minor strides forward on some trinitarian continuum. For more of this sort of uplift, few sources are more discerning and nourishing than the fare offered by The Western Confucian, a Matteo Ricci-type scholar in Korea whose tastes run towards full armies of viola de gamba assembling behind Buxtehude oratorios. There remain, in other words, multiple reasons for hope! Glenn Gould in C minor

On the Events in Aba: Sources

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China / Tibet

Another Tibet-themed guest post by Kristiana Henderson, Pacific Lutheran University While I was writing this larger piece about the construction of dams in the Tibet Autonomous Region, I was simultaneously following the developments coming out of Aba Prefecture of Northern Sichuan Province, another “autonomous” region comprised mostly of Tibetan and Qiang people. I believe that following the story regarding the funding of hydroelectric facilities in the T.A.R. is of just as great of importance, if […]