Huanqiu Shibao on Ai Weiwei

[Update: A rather comprehensive analysis of Huanqiu’s Ai Weiwei coverage, as of April 8, can be found here via the scrupulous work of JustRecently.] Imagine my surprise, when, today, I opened my friendly neighborhood Huanqiu Shibao website only to find an article about detained artist Ai Weiwei right there in a very prominent position.  This latest one describes how German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been … Continue reading Huanqiu Shibao on Ai Weiwei

Analysing the Limits of Soft Power in the Case of Ai Weiwei: Der Tagesspiegel

As promised, I am working my way through some of the prolix torrent of analysis and concern levied upon the case of Ai Weiwei by authors in Germany, and by German authors in China. In general, the confrontation between Germany and China over cultural matters and human rights seems now primed to grow exponentially.  Museum directors are now musing openly about bringing the Enlightenment exhibition … Continue reading Analysing the Limits of Soft Power in the Case of Ai Weiwei: Der Tagesspiegel

China Reads and Themes

1. The Crackdown on Dissent – Pierre Haski covers the arrest of Ai Weiwei and links to a thoughtful British documentary about the artist; – The Guardian carries an interactive guide to the new detainees; – Isador’s Fugue, one of my new favorite blogs, carries a thoughtful conversation with a Chinese policeman; – Dissent carries a solid historically-anchored article by Jeffrey Wasserstrom on the subject … Continue reading China Reads and Themes

North Korea Notes

North Korean media reports that a small amount of radioactivity from Japan has reached the DPRK.  How does a regime that is so good at depicting Japan as a source of constant threat assure people that they are now safe and in good hands?  Is there any kind of debate at all among North Koreans about the relative merits and dangers of nuclear energy generally?  … Continue reading North Korea Notes

Faculty Research Page

I was recently asked to update the “Adam Cathcart” entry for the “Faculty Research Page” at Pacific Lutheran University.  I kept one sentence from the old entry and then tallied up other recent activities in the research side of the “Adam Cathcart” ledger. It was judged to be too long and was consequently cut down. I think that ultimately I will need a separate web … Continue reading Faculty Research Page

Ai Weiwei in the German Press

[Stump Post] There is simply a staggering amount of interesting material being published in Germany about the CCP arrest of Ai Weiwei.  I seem to have gathered a great deal of newsprint into my orbit, am reading as much of it as fast as I can (Tagesspiegel-Stuttgart Zeittung-Suddeutscher Zeitung-Die Zeit-Frankfurt Allgemeine, etc.), and hope to have something more fertile soon in this space on the … Continue reading Ai Weiwei in the German Press