Month: May 2011

24 Recent Sino-Tweets

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American Foreign Policy / U.S.-China Relations

The footage has been refound of Clinton receiving the sacred anti-Japanese War photo from State Counsellor Liu; it resides as a beautiful moment at 20′ of this US-China conference on cultural exchanges   China is reported to be developing a hotline between the PLA and the South Korean defense chief: surely this drives North Korea nuts.  But what exactly do we know about frequently-quoted PLA head Liang Guanglie’s attitude toward North Korean defense? Normally this […]

Kevin Garnett’s Chinese Blog

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American Foreign Policy / China / Cultural Politics / Huanqiu Shibao / U.S.-China Relations

Boston Celtics superstar Kevin Garnett, I found out yesterday from undisclosed sources, has been maintaining a bilingual (English-Chinese) basketball blog which is very, very popular in the PRC. As described in this entry on LeBron James, NBA stars, including some in Cleveland, have been promoting shoes in China for while.  The fact that Kevin Garnett is now wearing Chinese shoes and shilling for a Chinese company (ANTA) has gone virtually unremarked in English-language media during […]

Henry Kissinger “On China,” and at the Opera

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American Foreign Policy / Beijing / Chinese communist party / Cultural Politics / history and memory / U.S.-China Relations

The ever-prolix Henry Kissinger has a new book on U.S.-China relations forthcoming, entitled On China.  Advance copies reviewed here by the New York Times; Kissinger is interviewed by NPR here. Since copies of the text will not be available to we mortals on the Northwest for another week or more — even those of us with Japan connections in the form of a Kinokuniya Bookstore — it might be useful to review for a moment […]

North Korean Abductions in China? A Source Review

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Manchuria / North Korea / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations / Yanbian

Thanks to the publication of an extensive report from the Committee on North Korean Human Rights on the subject of North Korean abductions, there is an excellent conversation going on at the indespensible blog for North Korean-China issues, One Free Korea, regarding the nature and the veracity of allegations that China allows North Korean agents into the PRC to hunt down and abduct people who are judged to be enemies of the DPRK. The committee’s […]

Trashing Diplomatic Etiquette, or Just Empty Cannon Shots? Huanqiu Shibao Weighs in on Clinton’s ‘Fool’s Errand’ Comment

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American Foreign Policy / China / Cultural Politics / Huanqiu Shibao / U.S.-China Relations / 新闻自由

There has been an immense amount of action which has occurred in the U.S.-China relation in the past week, actions about which, being on several “fool’s errands” of my own, I nevertheless hope to comment upon. At the end of a week of bilateral meetings in Washington, rather than grand strategic debates, we seem to have in hand the following tempest-in-a-teapot: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an interview with the Atlantic Monthly about […]

North Korea: Examination Materials

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American Foreign Policy / history and memory / Korean War / Manchuria / North Korea / North Korea-Japan relations / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations / Yanbian

I recently completed a month-long lecture series on North Korean-Chinese relations at Pacific Lutheran University.  Because these lectures were occasioned by a course I teach at PLU (hell yes I teach courses, credits and grades dropping from my very fingertips!), I had the pleasure of writing an exam on the topic. Here, in no particular order, are a few of themes or questions which were covered in the lectures and which my students consequently suggested […]

In the Teeth of a Semester

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In his Will to Power, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche — probably enjoying summer weather in his favorite Italian haunt of Genoa — writes about the universal need for thinking individuals to attend a strenuous school at the right stage of life.  There is simply no substutite, Nietzsche says, for a rigorous university education, for the forge that such an education creates, for the habits of sustained psychic struggle that it fosters. In an environment today […]